• Anti-Theft Brackets

    Anti-Theft Brackets (12)

    OUTDOOR BEAM THEFT IS ON THE RISE. There has been an increase in the theft of outdoor beams in South Africa. Protect your security outdoor sensors by installing an anti-theft bracket. The robust powder coated steel frame is designed to effectively protect your sensors.  The bracket can be mounted with raw bolts or coach screws depending on the surface of…
  • Deye

    Deye (11)

    Discover a range of DEYE Inverters designed to meet the diverse needs of residential, commercial, and industrial settings. From compact solutions for homes to robust systems for large-scale installations, each DEYE inverter is a testament to our commitment to quality and efficiency. Our products are not just inverters; they are a gateway to harnessing the sun's potential and contributing to…
  • Hina ESS

    Hina ESS (1)

    Hina ESS Solar: Powering Tomorrow with the Sun. Embrace sustainable living with our cutting-edge solar solutions. From efficient panels to innovative solar-powered gadgets, we harness the sun's energy to create a brighter, greener future for all.
  • Lemoen

    Lemoen (2)

    Never Run Out of Power. Stay connected and empowered with our reliable backup battery solutions. Designed for convenience and peace of mind, Lemoen ensures your devices are charged whenever and wherever you need them.
  • Lux Power

    Lux Power (3)

    Empowering Your Connectivity. Experience a new level of charging sophistication with our premium solutions. Combining elegant design and cutting-edge technology, Lux Power ensures your devices stay energized in style
  • Pylon

    Pylon (8)

    Empowering Tomorrow with Pylon Solar: Harnessing the Sun's Energy for a Sustainable Future. Innovative, Reliable, and Efficient Solar Solutions for Every Need.
  • Roboguard

    Roboguard (20)

    ROBOGUARD - The Portable Intruder Alarm System The roboguard is a stand alone, wireless automatic outdoor intruder security system using passive infrared sensor beams that detect movement up to 20 meters away in an 110° arc. Each guard has two sensors one on top and one at the bottom, each emitting 11 beams, a top and bottom beam have to…
  • Shoto

    Shoto (1)

    Energizing Life with Shoto Batteries: Powering Your World with Cutting-edge Energy Storage Solutions. Unleash Reliability, Performance, and Sustainability in Every Charge.
  • Solar Batteries

    Solar Batteries (1)

    Optimize Energy Storage with High-Performance Solar Batteries. Harness the Power of the Sun 24/7. Discover Reliable and Efficient Solutions for Your Sustainable Energy Needs.
  • Solax

    Solax (22)

    SolaX provides high-efficiency residential photovoltaic power station solutions that fully support high-efficiency high-power photovoltaic modules. Mppt has a wide range of work, control heat pumps and other smart loads easily, increase photovoltaic power generation, and control electricity costs. Allow users to experience green smart energy anytime, anywhere.
  • Special Offers

    Special Offers (41)

    Special Offers
  • SRNE

    SRNE (3)

    SRNE provides energy independence by storing excess energy from renewable sources, reducing reliance on the grid. With backup power capabilities, these systems ensure uninterrupted electricity supply during grid outages or in areas with unreliable infrastructure. With long lifespans, scalability, and smart energy management features, residential energy storage empowers homeowners to control their energy consumption, enhance resilience, and contribute to a…
  • Sungrow

    Sungrow (10)

    Sungrow offers one of the broadest portfolios of residential inverters currently on the market, ranging from 2kW to 30kW, suitable for mainstream residential rooftops in various countries.
  • Sunsynk

    Sunsynk (19)

    Revolutionising the way we generate, use and store energy! In a world where energy costs are soaring, and governments are turning to renewables as the ultimate solution,Sunsynk stand at the forefront of this transformative journey. With Sunsynk, you can be confident that our range of solar storage solutions cater to your specific needs.

    VOLTA (4)

    Volta Lithium Ion Battery are relatively lightweight and can be recharged quickly. Comes in both a wall mount and floor stand configuration.
  • Wireless Outdoor Detectors

    Wireless Outdoor Detectors (20)

    The below categories are universal wireless outdoor sensor. A third party transmitter is required (that is compatible with your wireless receiver) in order to connect the devices to your alarm panel.  There are wireless outdoor sensors for certain brands that are directly compatible with the wireless receiver. Explore under the brands tab on our menu bar for this solution.
  • HYYP

    HYYP (2)

    HYYP App, allowing site owners to remotely control their IDS alarm panel using an Android Smartphone or Tablet App. Future development will allow for further remote control of site devices (requires a HYYP Hub and IDS X-Series Alarm Panel). Secure multi-site management Full arm, stay arm, disarm functions Zone bypass feature Naming of partitions/ zones and secure detailed user management…
  • MAKS

    MAKS (20)

    The MAKS PRO WiFi wireless security system center is designed to control home security systems. MAKS PRO WiFi supports connection to up to 200 devices (sensors, keyboards, key fobs, etc.) via radio channel at a distance of up to 2000 m. The device interacts with the user , using the Internet and GSM/GPRS communication for enhanced reliability. • smartphone control…

    OPTEX (57)

    OUTDOOR INTRUSION DETECTION YOU CAN TRUST When it comes to outdoor intrusion detection OPTEX has it covered. With more than 40 years of sensing expertise, we have a complete range of sensors for every site whether that is residential or commercial. We can protect the perimeter of a site, the approach, the exterior of a building and the interior too.…
  • RING

    RING (6)

    The Ring Alarm easily expands to fit your needs, on your terms. Simply plug in the Ring Base Station, connect your components, get set up with your account in the Ring app and control your Ring Alarm all with the Keypad or from the Ring app. BUILD YOUR OWN RING SYSTEM - CLICK HERE

    TAKEX (3)

    HIGH-PERFORMANCE INTRUDER DETECTION SENSORS TAKEX detection sensors have been protecting people and property for more than 55 years, safeguarding domestic, commercial, and industrial premises and high-level Royal, Government, and Military organizations worldwide
  • PowerSeries NEO

    PowerSeries NEO (27)