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The Security Camera Buyer’s Guide

Ring Security Cameras offer a wide array of features as well as peace of mind when it comes to monitoring and protecting your home or place of business.

However, given our wide variety of available products, the most important things to consider when deciding which (or how many) cameras to purchase is the configuration of your home. Do you have a broad, flat expanse of grassy yard? Do you have a dark corner on your property hidden by trees? Do you have a large side yard or a narrow alley between you and the house next door? Considerations like these will help determine what kind of cameras you need and where they should be placed.

This article will walk you through the process of finding the right security camera for your home or business to help keep your property and loved ones safe. 

Home Configuration Considerations

Before you buy a security camera, draw out a map of your home and yard(s) (be sure to include any large features such as trees or a pool) and figure out exactly how and why you want to view each area. It might look something like this:


Once you’ve mapped out your property, deciding where to place your cameras really comes down to what you want your cameras to do and see. Here’s one example of an effective configuration:

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Many neighbors use security cameras to: 

  • Secure areas of their property that are concealed or would otherwise make an inviting entry point — such as a basement door or a group of trees that conceals a part of a fence. 
  • Covering obvious routes of entry, such as a front or back door or first floor windows.
  • Monitoring backyards, barns, or sheds for unwanted animal activity.
  • Watching for suspicious activity or unusual traffic outside your home.
  • Keeping an eye on parked vehicles to prevent theft or vandalism.

RING Camera Comparison

  • Ring Floodlight Cam – White Quick View

The RING Doorbell Buyer’s Guide

A Ring Video Doorbell is an easy and effective way to enhance the security of your home. This buyer’s guide will help you select the right Ring Video Doorbell for you.

Home checklist

There are a number of factors to consider when choosing your Ring Video Doorbell. This home checklist contains the important considerations you’ll need to think about when purchasing and installing your Ring Video Doorbell. The rest of this buyer’s guide will go into more detail about each of these factors.

    • Home modifications: What kind of modifications can you make on your home? This may depend on things like whether you own or rent.
    • Power supply: Do you have an existing doorbell or separate power supply you can use to run your Ring Video Doorbell, or will you require a battery-powered device?
    • Cost: All Ring Video Doorbells are competitively priced for the features they offer, with different options that match your needs and budget.
    • Feature set: What features are important to your individual circumstances?
    • Installation: Some Ring Video Doorbells are known for their easy installation and maintenance while others may require a bit more handiness or even professional installation. 
    • Network speed: High speed internet (2mbps) is required for all Ring Video Doorbells. 

RING Doorbell Comparison

RING security alarm kit

Ring Alarm System Basic Information

Ring Alarm is an affordable and comprehensive DIY home security system. Start with a Security Kit that includes a Base Station, Keypad, Contact Sensor, Motion Detector, and Range Extender. Add components to meet your security needs and the size of your home.  

Built to reduce neighbourhood crime, this customizable security system enhances the effectiveness of Ring’s doorbells, cams, and accessories. The seamless integration of Ring Alarm and the entire Ring product line through the Ring app protects homes both inside and out. The following article answers some of the frequently asked questions regarding the Ring Alarm system.

What is the Ring Alarm system?

Ring Alarm is a DIY home security system for any house or apartment. Ring Alarm gives you the option to enable 24/7 Ring Alarm Professional Monitoring and is equipped with battery backup and LTE cellular backup to ensure the system is always up and running even if your power goes out or broadband is unavailable (with a Ring Protect Pro plan). Ring Alarm is simple, affordable security without long-term contracts or the need for professional installation.

Can I control my Ring Alarm system through the Ring app?

Yes available on IOS and Android phones

What comes in the Ring Alarm box?

The Ring Alarm kit contains all the components you need to install and activate your new security system.

  1. Base Station: The base station is the heart of your system and connects your Ring Alarm security devices to all your Ring Video Doorbells, Security Cameras, and other smart devices. The base station monitors the secure sensors in your home in order to trigger burglar or fire alarms. The base station includes cellular and battery backup to support sending alarms even if broadband and power go down.
  2. Keypad: The keypad provides users with a physical interface for controlling their alarm system. The keypad allows users to arm and disarm their system, view system status and receive visual and audio feedback regarding system status changes and events. The keypad includes a rechargeable battery and AC power options so users have the convenience to place the keypad on a tabletop or mount it on a wall.
  3. Contact Sensor: The contact sensor mounts to any door or window and monitors whether the door or window is opened or closed. Contact sensors are battery-operated with an anticipated 3-year battery life and can be set up with double-sided tape or using screws.
  4. Motion Detector: The motion detector watches for motion in an area or room. It observes motion by a passive infrared (PIR) sensor in a 90º radius. Motion sensors are battery-operated with an anticipated 3-year battery life and can be set up with double-sided tape or using screws.
  5. Range Extender: The range extender strengthens the Z-Wave mesh network and extends the signal from your base station to communicate with devices that are normally outside of its range. The range extender also has a battery to ensure Ring Alarm maintains its mesh network if the power goes down.

Do I have to purchase the kit or can I buy one piece at a time?

The Ring Alarm Security Kit contains everything you need to secure your home. The Base Station is not available as a separate purchase. You can purchase additional sensors, motion detectors, keypads, and other devices to extend your Alarm.

Is the Base Station necessary?

Yes. The Base Station is necessary for the Ring Alarm to function.

How long will the battery last on the keypad before needing to be recharged?

The battery should last six – nine months on a single charge before needing a recharge. This can change depending on usage and power save settings.

Where does the sound come from when the alarm goes off

The sound comes from the base station and the keypad.

How many decibels is the security system’s alarm?

The alarm is 104 decibels, the equivalent to the sound of a motorcycle.

How many sensors can be used per security kit?

Up to 100 Z-Wave devices can be used per each security kit.

Will my pets set off my motion sensors?

No. The Alarm system has advanced motion sensitivity to prevent false alarms from pets under 14 kilograms.

Can the Ring Alarm be connected via wifi or does it require an Ethernet connection?

The Ring Alarm can be connected via 2.4 or 5 GHz wifi or Ethernet connections.

What happens if the power fails or I lose my internet connection?

The Ring Alarm comes with cellular (with a Ring Protect Pro plan) and battery backup systems that kick in if you lose your power or internet connection. The backup battery is good for about 24 hours of operation.

Does Ring Alarm monitor third-party devices?

Ring Alarm only monitors Ring Alarm sensors, but it does alert authorities if a FirstAlert Z-Wave Smoke/CO Alarm triggers a smoke or carbon monoxide alarm.

Does this device have a Panic Button?

Yes. There is a panic option on the keypad which sends the police right away. To trigger the panic function, hold down the x and checkmark keys on the keypad.