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OPTEX FLIPX wired indoor sensor, excluding bracket


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FlipX is the indoor motion detector not only with a lot of highly evaluated features for existing indoor motion detectors but also with know-how obtained from our experiences of outdoor motion detector development.

Flip Lens

Selectable wide & narrow area with one lens. By turning the lens upside down, the shape of detection area can be changed from WIDE to NARROW.

Easily Viewable LED Color

LED color is green and viewable from distance.

Human-Catch Element

The new element size has been designed to create proper detection areas and optimize detection sensitivity.

Refined Spherical Lens

Spherical lens provides a precise focal length to each of the multiple lens segments which enables each lens segment to face precisely towards its detection area and creates detection zones without distortion.

SMDA Logic

By analyzing detection patterns and environmental information, SMDA improves immunity against various noise factors such as climate changes and vegetation sways, and can distinguish between the cause of nuisance false alarms and genuine intrusions.

Pet Tolerance

Standard model gives high false alarm protection with excellent tolerance to spot temperature changes from small animals and pet.

PIR coverage:  Wide: 12 m 85°/ Narrow: 18 m 5°
Power input:  9.5 to 16 VDC