From outdoor and pet-friendly digital motion detectors to analogue motion detectors, the Paradox series of motion detectors combines advanced features and patented technologies to provide a high level of detection and false alarm prevention. Whatever the application, there’s a Paradox motion detector that will suit your needs and surpass your expectations.

Developed for high-security applications, our digital motion detectors perform direct analog to digital conversion of the PIR sensor’s signal using a powerful, high-speed microprocessor-based digital IC. A software-driven process then converts, amplifies and processes the sensor’s low-level signal in the digital domain without any analog circuitry (no saturation, no loss of data and no noise). This unique technology provides increased accuracy, reliability and superior false alarm immunity.

  • PAR Smoke Detector -#Lh-94-Only for Domestic Use Quick View
  • PAR 476+PRO wired passive infra-red detector Quick View
  • PAR PA08 NV5-KNK wired passive infra-red detector, pet friendly Quick View
  • PAR 476 PET wired analog passive infra-red detector, pets upto 18KG Quick View
  • PAR DG55 digiguard dual monitor detector Quick View
  • PAR DG65+ DIGIGUARD QUAD Motion Detector Quick View
  • PAR Glass break Detector Quick View
  • PAR DM60 Quad Element Motion Detector Quick View
  • PAR DG467 PARADOME 360″ Ceiling Motion Detector Quick View
  • PAR DM70 High Security with Pet Detector Quick View
  • PAR 525DM Microwave & Infrared Motion Detect. Quick View
  • PAR NV37MX In/Outdoor Bus Wired Curtain Detector Quick View