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VX PRO Series repeater



VX PRO Series repeater



VX PRO is a new generation wireless alarm system which supports 2 independent wireless communication channels. Ensures no interference across channels and allows super fast transmission of alarm messages and videos simultaneously.
The VX PRO provides an ideal intrusion protection solution especially for residential areas, retail and SMB. With its minimalism design and superior detection compatibility
With the VX PRO, the power is in your hands. You can manage the whole alarm system easily via the IDS VX PRO App.
The VX PRO system begins with a control panel that acts as a hub for the whole system. Next, a wide range of indoor and outdoor detectors, along with versatile peripherals including sounders, repeaters, relays and more are designed to meet the needs in a multitude of scenarios.

VX PRO Series repeater

• 868MHz two-way Tri-X and Cam-X wireless technology

• Frequency hopping against jamming for reliable transmission

• RF Range: 800m (open air)

• LED display, show the different feedbacks with easy understanding

• Finding and connecting up to 8 PIRCAM or smoke detectors automatically, smart auto-pairing

• QR Code enrolment

• 30 hours of battery backup after mains lost

• SSI (Signal Strength Indication)

• Fully remote configuration through App

• Auto pairing with detectors and peripherals

• Long battery backup time

• PIRCAM supported