Solax: BMU Triple Power…


Solax: BMU Triple Power 3.0 Battery Master Box


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• BMU: Master Box for Solax Triple Power 3.0 HV10230 Battery Pack
• Scalability: Connect up to 4 Solax Triple Power 3.0 HV10230 Battery Packs

The Triple Power 3.0 is the place where the excess energy is stored generated by X-Hybrid G4. Elegant design as it is, the Triple Power 3.0 is in seamless connection with X-Hybrid G4. Any installation like floor, wall mounting, indoor or outdoor are all suitable. Other features not to be ignored are unique battery heating technology which is capable to work at low temperature, high-performance processors adopted, auto power replenishment technology to prevent battery over-discharge, 6000 times long life cycle.

Install Indoors Or Outdoors

The Triple Power battery is IP65 rated meaning that it can be installed outside providing that the battery is covered with adequate protection against the weather.