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MAKS Wi-Fi Hub – GSM + Wi-Fi


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MAKS PRO is a wireless security control panel designed to control the home security system. MAKS PRO supports connection of up to 200 devices including detectors, keypads, keyfobs, smoke detectors and water detectors. The MAKS band radio frequency can work up to a distance of 4 800m. The devices interacts with the user as well as the reaction company using Ethernet and GSM / GPRS communication for reliability. 

  • European Brand
  • 24 Hour battery back-up
  • 600 + Reaction Companies to choose from
  • Secure MAKS band frequency
  • Encrypted radio frequency with several multi-speed channels
  • Tampering alarm
  • Uses GSM or Ethernet to send alarms to the Reaction company and the owner
  • Sends a notification in case of power failure and operates for up to 24 hours from battery backup
  • Connect any CCTV via RTSP Stream to your MAKS app for Video verification

Principle of operation

The device collects information on detector operation in an encrypted format, analyzes the data, and in case of alarm, notifies the system owner and the Reaction company in just milliseconds.


The device uses Maks band radio technology to monitor the detectors and ensure a quick response to danger. It switches the entire system to clear frequencies during jamming. The device is protected against viruses at software level.

Installation and set up

Ready to operate straight out the box. It is set using the mobile application, and the detectors are connected with just one click. It can be mounted in just a few minutes using the SmartBracket mount.