Lithium Battery 12 Volt…


Lithium Battery 12 Volt 8 A/H

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Perfect replacement for 7ah / 7.2ah lead acid battery. For Gates, Alarms etc.  The Lithium battery can be used for 3000-5000 life cycles. Depending on usage this can be 10 years or more. Lead acid and AGM get roughly 300-500 life cycles before their capacity is reduced substantially. Therefore, even though there is more upfront cost with a Lithium battery, the upgrade saves you allot of money over time.

A typical charge or use cycle for a lithium-ion battery is 8 hours of use, 1 hour to charge and another 8 hours of use. No cool down period is needed. This allows the battery to be used continuously throughout a 24-hour shift, with downtime occurring only during short periods of opportunity charging.

  • Voltage remains constant for much longer during discharge.
  • Much higher charging rate and so faster charging – varies according to the charging system used.
  • Can be discharged quickly without damaging the cells, making them ideal for use with inverters.
  • Can be discharged as much as 95% on average without damaging the battery.
  • Thousands of charging cycles compared to just a few hundred from a typical lead-acid battery.
  • Very low rate of self-discharge means they can be left unattended for months.
  • Zero maintenance required.
  • Approximately 40% – 50% lighter than a good quality lead-acid battery with a similar Ah rating.
  • Very safe, with no toxic fumes or liquid and no risk of fire in normal use.
  • Can be used in almost every situation where a lead-acid battery is being used to power alarm systems, garage motors and gates and portable equipment.

Nominal Voltage 12.8V
Rated Capacity @ 0.5C Rate(77°F/25°C) 8AH
Recommended Charge Current <5A
Maximum Charge Current 5A
Maximum Continuous Discharge Current 5A
Charging Cut-off Voltage (Recommended) 14.4±0.2V
Discharge Cut-off Voltage (Recommended) 10V
Internal Resistance at 50% SOC <80mΩ
Approximate Weight (kg) 0.08
Charge Temperature Range 0°C~50°C
Discharge Temperature Range -20°C~60°C
Terminals F2
Standard Charge CC/CV
Life Cycle >2,000 times @90% DOD
Application General purpose, deep cycle
Storage Temperature (6 Months) -20°C~35°C
Storage Temperature (3 Months) -20°C~40°C